Monday, 29 August 2016


At the start of the year we got to chose if we do kapahaka or te reo. Te reo is when you sit down learn about maori culture. Kapahaka is about learning and practicing Maori songs. I chose to do kapahaka because I love singing and Maori culture. Right now we are practicing for pae tamariki a matariki concert. Kapahaka is really fun because there is lots of teachers helping and teaching us new songs we have been practicing songs for matariki here Is a video of our practice

Feedback/Feedforward You have improved so much this year in Kapa Haka learning all the new songs and I feel that you still have some more to improve on like learning the new songs and u

Evaluation I think that I will be an awesome leader and a good role models for the younger kids. And maybe the kids will look up to follow there Kapahaka dreams of being a leader

Feedback/feedfoward: I think you do a awesome job on being a leader at kapa haka and great leader for the little kids in kapa haka. Zara

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


DLast term we did a measurement rich task. The rich task was about to see how much you know about fractions and when we had to put our test on a number that we thought we were. On the first test I was a four which is the most highest number. After we did the test we started doing workshops about the different measurements there were 3 types of measurement workshops they were area, weight and  capacity, after about 3 weeks we did the measurement rich task to see if we improved or if we stayed the same. 


descsription: this term we had a focaus on panekeritanga if you were woundering panikeritanga is the maori word for exellence and exellence is when you do your best and show your best were you are or when it is show exellence were ever you are and we got to chose a photo that is showing excellence and we had to pair it with a quote about excellence and we had a slide about what we learnt about excellence I hope you like it ⬇️