Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Maths algebra

Description: this term we have been doing algebra and today we got given a problem and we had to figure it out it was really easy because 1/5 of 35 is 7x3=23 so the answers is 23 
Here is the question⬇️

Evaluation: I think I choose a really good strategy to do the question since its fraction of a whole number you figure out what the last number is. Example 3/5 1/5 of 35=7

SLC Reflection

Description: every term we have a S.L.C (student lead conference) and we had a doc with links to the post we were allowed one maths post, one Te reo post, one science post and three posts we could choose from. I chose a cross country, maths, spelling and I had an extra because I could not choose that was my art. 

This is how a S.L.C works so you your parents and your teacher are sitting in a room and you are sharing the posts on your blog but you can't read what's on the screen you read the behind the scenes learning because any day your parents could look at your blog and read what's on there but they don't know what happend to get it like that. The day after our conference we got an email with these ⬇️ reflective questions and we had to answer them. Here are mine.

1) How do you think you did on your SLC? I think I did a great job on speaking in a loud clear voice and doing the best I could on sharing the behind the scenes learning.

2)What was the highlight? I personally think the highlight was getting to share all the thing I improved on in my learning.

3) What did you do differently to make your SLC stand out? I could maybe spend a little less time on explaining each post because I spen to much time on each post

4) How will you make your Home Led Conference in Term 3 be awesome? Maybe going out somewhere in a different environment and sharing lots of different variations of posts.

5) What things might you do to make it awesome? I could also speak very loud and clear and choose different ranges in posts.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Seed 2 table

Description every Friday we do seed two table seed two table is when we have a garden and we do work and jobs in the garden and then we turn it into food the first week we make pumpkin soup and flat bread for the pudding we made Fejio muffins and pinwheel scones. The second week I made corn fritters and for the pudding g we had apple crumble and for the third week we made pasta and meatballs and for pudding we had chocolate pudding. For the gardening we had to get into a group and chose a seed we had to plant and change the choice of liquid I chose tea, coffee, water, hot water, fizzy, and we made a slide for each on here it is

Evaluation: i think i did a good job on chosing what difrent liquids to use and we did a good job on going every day and watering the plants 

Feedback/feedfoward: i like how you changed the liquid of the radishs
Did,nt notice anything wrong
-Ruby KM