Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Maths Fractions

Description: every day Monday through to Thursday we do Maths at school the top groups are James groups I am in James b the second highest group. All of James maths groups got givin a big maths sheet of different problems there were five different categories division knowledge, fraction, solve the nonunit, fraction, ratios. I had done six question I got three of them right. My favourite categorie was division. Here is image of the doc...

What improvements did you make in your fraction knowledge? By improving by putting myself in the learning pit more. 

What do you still need to work on? I need to work on doing more question in the time that I have.

How successful do you feel you have been in this unit? I think I'm the best at division knowledge and I need to work more on ratios.

Feedback/Feedforward:I think that you are improving so much in your maths this year especially  on your fractions but for next time maybe you could take a photo of some of your learning so we can see how much you are improving from start to finish.
- Hannah P


Description: for maths we had a relever in and we had a big board of maths questions. They all difrent types of questions. My favorite question was the one were you had to go round the class and ask people what their favourite anything is and then make it into a graph. For my graph I did favourite fast food restaurant the most popular was McDonald's. Here are my answers. 

Question (1) there are 8 slices in each pizza and 6 people need to share four pizzas how many slices do each person get?
Question (2) 
Question(3) for a party there to be enough food for fifteen people to have 2 slices of pizza and I slice of cake there are 8 

Evaluation: i think i did i good job on figuring out how to do a 
Proper graph and working out the problems

Monday, 6 June 2016

Cross country goal

Description: Our cross country was held at skogland park on seventh of june. My goal for cross country was to come in the top ten and for cross country and i did i came in sixth place it was so fun at cross country. I had a job helping the little kids run across the finish line.  for year six girls Hannah p came first then aria then yasmine then zara then charlotte h then me cross country was really fun especally because it was really muddy and the corse went down under skogland park. 

Feedback/ feedfoward: i think you did well on your place.
Next time push yourself a little bit more so you can go to interschool
-Ruby KM

Evaluation: thank you Ruby for your feedback and feedfoward next time i will try come in a higher place. I tried my best but unfortunately I didn't get into interschool.