Sunday, 8 May 2016


Description: at school in maths we had a doc with links of maths and one of them was a link about  Match the fractions with the number and you have twelve options and you have to match two of them together this is the game.


This is my handwriting 📝


Description: this is my spelling test that all of poutama did. On the first week of term 2 we got to do some spelling there are three hundred words to write but we streatched to doing one hundred and fifty a day the words i got wrong are highlighted ping and all the other words i got right. on the first side I got 11 wrong and on the second side I got none wrong. We had a time limet to write each word wich was ten seconds and if we got a word wrong we would in reading have time to work on and figure out how to spell that picticular word and we had to spend five minutes a day on our spelling and we also have special games to play that help us learn to spell that word corectly. here are my shets of my spelling. ⬇️

Evaluation: i think i did a good job on doing my best but i need to do a bit
More work on my spelling because sometimes i forget how 
To spell some tricky word

Feedback/feedfoward: Good work for getting most of your words correct! I don't think you ahead anything to work on. Emma M

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


 Every day we do maths and I am in James b group the sencond best. And I have been in a work shop in that workshop we did some problems about fractions and we had to figure them out in our heads here are the problems:

Monday, 2 May 2016

Sarah platt buddy art👭

Description: Sarah platt art changed most people perspective on art. People thought art was portraits and landscapes but art is way more than that. That's why our teachers chose to pick a such a bold piece of art. They chose a Sarah Platt art because her art shows the real meaning of art. It  was originally a big pitcher then we cut it up into lots of little pices, and the pitches were 3cm x 3cm and enlarge it by making a piece of art that is way bigger and you could use different shades of the colour. I personally love this choice of art because it stands out and it's such a colourful piece. In poutama every Tuesday afternoon we would do buddy class and some of the time we do art this time we did this⬇️
This is my square⬇️

Evaluation: I think I did an outstanding job on choosing different materials and blending them to work for the picture. And I think I did a good job on letting my buddy do some of the work and spreading out who can work on what. I think i did a really good job on getting courlours the closest they can be to the real picture

Feedback/feedforward I feel that you have done a great job on your art knowing that you did it yourself because you are such a great artist but next time you could try and involve our buddie in it a bit more.  - Hannah P