Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Camp writting portfolio sample 2016

Description: in the last 3 weeks the whole poutama have been writting 3 stories the first one we wrote is buddy challenge day then most embarrassing moment then we wrote camp we had options of how we could write I wrote about camp and I chose to pursued because I wanted to convince the staff about my ideas of what we could change .this is my story.

Terrified, petrified, scared. I can't find the proper word to describe how I am felling right now. 

How am I supposed to convince the staff at el rancho camp to let the contestents of Masterchef cook the food at camp? I think personally that would be the perfect match. Can you just see on the sign "El Rancho camp food cooked by Masterchef contestants." I think, actually I know, it it will be an excellent outcome. 

The reason why I am trying to convince the staff at El Rancho camp to let the contestents of Masterchef cook the food, is because some of the food was putrid ugh disgusting. For example, the chicken and the sausages compared to the food on Masterchef! Yum! It makes me hungry just thinking about it. Yuuummm, okay snap out of it, back to the story. I think they would make great food like pancakes, cakes and ice cream. OMG too much to remember.

                                                                     The end
Feedback I think that you wrote a great story
Feedforward Next time you could let me read it before I do your feedback and feedforward. 

Evaluation I think I did a great storie but I think I could of made it a bit bigger and I could of added a bit more detail

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Whakapapa portfolio sample

You are probably sitting there reading this wondering what whakapapa is. whakapapa is the Maori word for family tree in class every Monday afternoon in poutama some people chose to go to kapahake a and some people got to et reo with Troy and ELLY in et reo we have been working on our family tree on my family tree I have a lot of people here is my family tree
Feedback/feedforward I like how you made the writing nice and clear to
Read maybe next add more information about your family.Ruby.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


This is room 12 and room 10s garden we are growing peas spring onions 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 camp portfolio sample

Description: last week poutama potokmanua and flourish went to El Rancho camp in wakinie we had ten activities we got into groups of 12 and went through the the activities I went through them with my team in the is order low ropes, kayaking, rafts, team initiative, pool, archery, mini golf, water slide, rifles, horse riding. We stretched these activitys over 4 days first day we did 2 activitys and also slip in slide, pool. Second day we did 3 activitys third day we did 3 activitys last day we did 2 activitys. Every night we got into our activity groups and made a skit. A skit is when a group of people work together on a mini play. On Thursday night we did a skit concert our skit performance is all about knock knock jokes.
Every night we went into the quiet room and split into whanua classes and wrote in our camp diary. In our camp diary we wrote about our day what we liked what challenge us and comments about that day. The week before we left to go to camp we wrote goals here are my goals.

Camp diary:

Feedback:I liked day four because it sounded really fun! Riding horses is really fun
Feedforward: maybe next time you could write a bit more about riding your horse 


Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016 portfolio sample

Description: determination is my one word. At school our teachers came up with an idea to make a one word. A one word is a word that is like your New Years resolution so a one word is a word that you work your way up to achieve it. I chose the word determination because i need to put myself in the learning pit more and get out of my comfurt zone. Then we did steps to work our way up to this blog post. First everyone chose there one word next we post a tweet on Twitter. Then we made a piece of art we chose to design it how we wanted. I choose to design it like this is because I wanted to be creative and determined .

Feedback/feedforward: I really like your word and the decorations but I think that you could have added a bit more something to the background but apart from that I like it.-Katie 

Evaluation: I agree with Katie I think the word doesn't really pop but the back ground does. Other than that I think I did a great job on the wording and lettering but I could of added a black border around the letters to make it pop!

Camp goals

Description:   Next week we are going to camp and today we made goals around our one word my one word is determination 

My action goal is to be a positive role model this will help me achieve determination because if I do something new than maybe other people will try new things as well,

My personal goal is to try new things and take risks this will help me achieve determination because I need to put myself in the learning pit more and get out of my comfort zone