Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writting slide

Description: this term mostly every day we do writting my writting teacher is Nic. We have been focusing on the orientation problem climax and resolution. On the first week Nic gave us a photo from the jungle that's in avatar so I chose to include some of the monsters in the movie that's why it's a fantasy jungle. We had to use the photo as a quick write but you could chose to continue the story and that's what I did my story is about this girl that gets stuck in a fantasy jungle and has to overcome some obstecals on her way to get back home. And when we had finished our plan we got given a slide and we had to put photos of the different areas of the plan we had photos for our main persons description and then we had all the describing words we would include in the story and finally we had a photo for the structure of the story and how it's going to lay out. We also had a slide that you had a chart with all the different areas like the structure and descriptive words and you had to put and target with either a green inside or a yellow middle or and red outside these targets determines were you are in writting, all my targets were green and we also had a slide that esactly like the one with targets except your buddy has to put the targets in. Here is my slide ⬇️

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  1. Tino pai Atlanta - how has learning to organise your ideas helped you as a writer, do you think? Will you continue to use your tools for writing in the future?