Thursday, 15 September 2016

Art portfolio sample

Description: every year we do this amazing piece of art and we put it on our calendar. This year Elly/Suzanne's class did drunkeds path art, drunkeds path art is when you make really cool patterns paper and you also make 2 pieces of black and white paper and make a template the template is a mini square cut into a quaternary circle and the outer edge, what you do is you trace the template on the paper and cut it out and arrange it to make a really cool pattern. here is my calendar art⬇️

Feedback/feedfoward: I loved the cow pattern and there are so many creative colours I think it is amazing. What was it hard or easy to do? How did you make this?

Evaluation: thank you Charlotte for your feedback and feedfoward it was pretty hard to get the circles perfect but I managed. I think it worked out pretty well but I could of filled the gaps.

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  1. This is a very complex piece of art that required a whole lot of patience and persistence to achieve panekiretanga! (excellence). You must be really pleased with your final result Atlanta. Well done.