Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Inside the game questions

HBoth Amy and Chris are only children, do you think being an only child might help you connect to the way they think and act? Why/Why Not? Yes because I am an only child too.

“Amy got up from her chair. I get sick of all this sort of stuff. Fighting, Fighting …” What questions can you ask about violence in video games? Do you think video game makers rely on violence to sell video games? What is your opinion maybe sometimes but girls want play the kind of stuff

Blooms questions

1. Will Amy get captured again by another dragon 

2. What colour is the dragon 

3 why does the dragon think it's so smart

How do you think Amy feels as she tries to rescue Chris and the princess from the chasm they have fallen into? How would you respond if you were in that situation?
What connections can you make to Chris’ experience with fear? (Pg.73) 
Do you think someone who isn’t a fan of video games could still relate to this story or do you think that you have to know about video games before you read?

The authors description was clear but they could of described the storey better and added more verbs