Thursday, 24 September 2015

Workshop summary

Inside the game prediction

The title: it sounds very technical like a think someone's got sucked into the computer
It might be a board game like jumanji or a device

Cover design: I think it looks like it has something to do with royalty because there is a castle and a crown and something to do with technology because of the computer 

Blurb : I think it sounds very interesting like the princess gets kidnapped or something to get into the computer

Predictions: I think that the princess was playing on the computer and some how got sucked inside the game

Sunday, 6 September 2015

et Te Reo portfolio sample

Description : every Monday most of our school goes to kapahaka and some people do Te Reo. Î do Te reo, in the reo we made a poster/movie/puppet pals and I made a poster about the Maori body parts 
Gracie, harriat and me made a poster here it is


Big idea: every Te reo we sing Tinana (hokey Cokey in Maori) we did a poster and we got to chose who we went with and who our audience is me, harriat and Gracie chose 5 years olds 

Feedback/feedfoward: I think that you have a great job at learning all the parts on your body in Maori. I really like how you have explained were and how to pronounce them on your poster. I think that you have learned a lot about the Maori body parts.
Hannah P

Evaluation: I think that we did well on saying what is what but sometimes I forget them or get mixed up.