Thursday, 14 May 2015

text to world conections

description: i have been reading a book called judy moody and the not bummer summer and so i made up a just like me about judy moody. a just like me is when you pick out a charactar from a book that you have been reading i chose judy moody the you draw a pitcher of the charctar and put words around it to describe what you have in commen here it is

big idea: in poutama we have been doing workshops and people are in comprehension or expand vocabulary and I'm in comprehenshion. So every 3 days  every week we have two workshops and in the workshops the teacher reads us a book and we have to visulize it while we are drawing it.

Evaluation: -What have I been learning to do in my workshops?  reading a book and trying to make conections
-How do I know I’m getting better at it? when i can describe it more by drawing it
-What things am I able to do well and what can I improve? I am good at text to self but i need to work on my text to world

Feedback: i like the way that you use words so we can read it clear and
Feedfoward: you have nothing to work on
From kiana