Sunday, 17 August 2014

my goal fish

These are my smart goals.
WALT: set SMART goals
Task: set a learning goal, a behaviour goal and an at home goal. Create a goal fish to display you goals.

Success Criteria
I can read my goals
My goals are specific
My goals are measurable
My goals are important to me

Reflection Questions

I think
My learning partner thinks
I can read my 
Yes because they are specific 
Yes she can
My goals are specific
Yes Thay are
My goals are measurable
Very measurable
Yes Thay are 
My goals are important to me
Yes because I need to work on them
To me to
You have set 3 goals to help you grow as a learner. Remember to make them measurable... what is it going to look when you are better at division? how much better do you want be?
Remember to think about your learning, perhaps adding a because to your reflections.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

My writting

WALT: write to inform

Success Criteria
  • Create a clear image in the readers mind
  • Have a clear message (big idea)
  • Powerful words (precise, clear)
  • Reread writing and check for impact

I choose this piece to publish because... i think it is really funny.

I need to simple and compound sentences

I am pleased about... my publishing

WALT: edit and publish our writing

Success Criteria
  • Use a font and colour that can be easily read
  • Must make sense
  • Correct spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Change at least 3 words to add impact for the reader 
Probably about 2 days in a week my cat sits on my windowsill and meows all night, it drives me up the wall, and she meows as loud as a tiger roaring.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.49.11 PM.pngMy cat is most spoilest, hugest fat cat ever in the whole universe. My cat gets a huge room, like twice the size of my rooms, and my room is also humongous. my cat gets a king sized bed and my mum and dad have a queen sized bed. about 2 times a day I go and play with my cat. My cats name is Princess, her full name is Princess Marabell. when my family first got princess i wanted to call her hotdog. Princess is a tabby cat. Her colours are brown, light brown and ginger. The only things that she does is eat and sleeps .  
  the end

You have used an idea from your writers notebook to complete a piece of writing about Princess Marabell. You have shown the reader how spoilt she is and also how you love her, your message is clear. You have shared what you can hear 'she meows as loud as a tiger roaring'.
You have told me her colours, perhaps next time think about adding some more details about what you can see and feel, is she soft, what does she remind you of? Also when you publish, think about your punctuation (capital letters and full stops.)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

kahoot - reading
We have been practising using the ‘Get it, Sort it, Use it’ inquiry method in our reading. You have all done a lot of reading about the commonwealth games as your get it.

Now it is time to sort it and use it. As part of your get it sort it you have used the before and after web and a KWL chart. To complete the sort it you need to think of 3 or 4 questions (and the answers) that are interesting to you.

Now it is use it time… you need to create a kahoot ( using your questions and answers from the sort it.

Task: use the ‘get it, sort it, use it’ model of inquiry to find out about the commonwealth games and share what we have learned.

WALT: use our prior knowledge to help us understand what we read.  (Get it)

WALT: Summarise what we read to help us understand what we read.   (Get it and Sort it)

WALT: use what we have learned from our reading. (Use it)

Success Criteria
ü 10 questions

ü Only one correct answer per question

ü Clear questions (not ambiguous)

ü Image matches the question

Reflection Questions

I followed the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process by…        
 getting on task

My next step when I use the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process is… to do it faster

The fun part of the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process was…    
working with a group

Atlanta, you used your reading skills to quickly find information to use in your kahoot. You and your group, were able to sort the information into questions (and answers) and then to create a kahoot for the class try out.

Remember when reflecting and thinking about your learning to add more details and go a little deeper, adding a 'because' to your ideas might help. Reflecting about your learning helps you to grow as a learner, to think about what was tricky and to set goals.