Friday, 25 November 2016


Description:  23rd of November, one of the best days of my life which was athletics. Athletics was an amazing turn out  there are 8 activitys including sprint, long distance, hurdles, shotput, javelin, discus, i was amazed to see my scores and how far i've progressed doing athletics, i got first in discus second in high jump, and from all of that effort i put in i am one of the lucky 5 girls to be going to inter school athletics, unfortunetly i dont get to particapit in the relay but i to get to go and have a great experince.

  • Athletics Reflection:
    • What was the most enjoyable part of athletics for you? Probably doing the high jump .Why?because I came second on high jump and I have never gotten that far before
    • What are you really proud of? What I did in the long distance .Why? Because half way through I couldn't breath but I still ran as fast as I can.
    • What was the most challenging part? probably the hurdles.Why?because i had no shoes on and my feet were really hurting
    • Where to now?i guess going to inter school and seeing how far i go at that. What are your goals for next time? definitly wearing shoes to do hurdles and practice my running because i could run the whole 800 meters. Why do you want to focus on this? because i need to work 

Monday, 7 November 2016


Description: this term we did a maths test we did IKAN test 2, we had never done this test before and just today we got our test I got 31 questions right out of 41 and my stanine is stanine 8. Here is my test⬇️

Writting selling a useless item

Description: in writing this term I am on nics writting group and we are working on selling a useless item or either getting someone to do a useless job, I chose to do being Donald trumps secratery/ bodyguard but it's no use he's going to get assassinated anyway. We had to make a poster to describe what it is you want them to buy or do. We had to post it on our blog with a brief description of what we are doing and share our poster, we had to work on the thirds rule, placement, colour scheme and a description, I hope you like my poster here it is:⬇️

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Description: In the oldn days Kapahaka was used to scare of the bad guys so there wouldent be war, these days it's used to welcome people it's use as a way to back up what people are saying also a Nice and warming way to welcome people and a beautiful way to perform in front of an audience and that's exactly what we did the other day the whole Kapahaka and band group when to the regent to perform in the northern cluster arts festival, it wasn't just Kapahaka though some schools did dancing, singing, a bit of their production and last but not least Kapahaka. Here is the video of our peromence at school and at the night peromence ⬇️

Feedback/feedfoward: Wow Atlanta you look amazing in Kapahaka. You really show panekiretanga when you are performing. You really stand out and you should be proud-Aria

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Art portfolio sample

Description: every year we do this amazing piece of art and we put it on our calendar. This year Elly/Suzanne's class did drunkeds path art, drunkeds path art is when you make really cool patterns paper and you also make 2 pieces of black and white paper and make a template the template is a mini square cut into a quaternary circle and the outer edge, what you do is you trace the template on the paper and cut it out and arrange it to make a really cool pattern. here is my calendar art⬇️

Feedback/feedfoward: I loved the cow pattern and there are so many creative colours I think it is amazing. What was it hard or easy to do? How did you make this?

Evaluation: thank you Charlotte for your feedback and feedfoward it was pretty hard to get the circles perfect but I managed. I think it worked out pretty well but I could of filled the gaps.

Book buddys

Description: this term we have started doing book buddies so we did a quiz/test about to see about what kind of reader we are and after the teachers got all the tests and got two people that are a near match and put them together as book buddies so they would chose a book that they both like and organise when there going to read what, my book buddie is Ruby Marsh and we are reading Coraline. We have a slide and we put all our evidence on it. Each buddie group has a coach our coach is Elly. Each week we have a card to do each card is either red green yellow or blue. Here is our slide

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writting slide

Description: this term mostly every day we do writting my writting teacher is Nic. We have been focusing on the orientation problem climax and resolution. On the first week Nic gave us a photo from the jungle that's in avatar so I chose to include some of the monsters in the movie that's why it's a fantasy jungle. We had to use the photo as a quick write but you could chose to continue the story and that's what I did my story is about this girl that gets stuck in a fantasy jungle and has to overcome some obstecals on her way to get back home. And when we had finished our plan we got given a slide and we had to put photos of the different areas of the plan we had photos for our main persons description and then we had all the describing words we would include in the story and finally we had a photo for the structure of the story and how it's going to lay out. We also had a slide that you had a chart with all the different areas like the structure and descriptive words and you had to put and target with either a green inside or a yellow middle or and red outside these targets determines were you are in writting, all my targets were green and we also had a slide that esactly like the one with targets except your buddy has to put the targets in. Here is my slide ⬇️